Drastic changes in government priorities

Rajapakse government has drastically changed priorities in government expenditure during the last seven years. The evidence is in the table of figures below. I have not seen any explanation of the rationale for this change in the Budget Speeches of the Minster of Finance or of members of the Opposition in Parliament. The various Road Maps presented to us with such fanfare have led us nowhere on these matters. More worryingly the university community which as directly affected by this change of strategy have been notoriously silent. Neither have the numerous pundits from policy research institutes nor the literate columnists noticed anything remarkable in the policies of government. However, the data are not far to seek and can be organized in a few hours. Here are the data:


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H.L De silva, srilanka, a national in conflict

Threats to Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity, Democratic Governance and Peace Visidunu Prakashakayo (Pvt.) Ltd., Boralasgamuwa, 2008

Yes, it is a book about all that and much more. It is written on 580 pages and has 40 essays divided into three bouquets of unequal sizes, together with an excellent bibliography. The first collection is the longest, running into some 220 pages and the other two are of roughly equal length. Each part does not contain a limited set of concerns but ranges over issues that belong elsewhere. Grosso modo, Part I is about local and international considerations regarding unitary and federal states; Par II is about negotiations with the LTTE to settle the conflict they nurture; and Part III is about the judiciary and several other important ideas. The essays have been written over a period of some twelve years and some are public lectures in memory of some worthy men who bestrode this land in recent years (Felix Dias Bandaranaike, Lalith Athulathmudali). ..

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Education in our country, mostly a charade and a fraud.

I received this (06 June) morning a very good piece of writing by Harsha Aturupana with the title The Pearl of Great Price: Achieving Equitable Access to Primary and Secondary Education and Enhancing Learning in Sri Lanka.  It is the expanded version of a lecture delivered by Aturupana in November 2008 at the Institute of Education in London. It contains a very useful summary of data on the process in Sri Lanka over the last 60 years and a clear write up of the data. Without further complimenting him on his good work, in which area I also have written a few pieces, let me turn to a related problem which has worried me during the last few weeks...

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